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DynaTools is out!

Since long time I was thinking to create some custom node for Dynamo and now, that time, came.
Starting from very simple lines of code, to understand the structure of the ZeroTouchNode (, I've finally released my first packege called DynaTools. Ok, the name is not very cool but I didn't spend too much to find it. So let's start with a little explanation of each node.

First of all, the package is developed on Dynamo 1.2.1 but I'll compile soon for Dynamo1.3.0.
You need to search and download the package to be able to use it :)

Then this is a complete list of nodes included in the latest release (not that much nodes but I promise, they'll increase!)

CollectorTools Collectors A bounce of nodes that collect categories (mostly MEP) with useful parameters Collectors.CableTray: collect all cable trays in the model  Collectors.Duct: collect all ducts in the model Collectors.Pipe: collect all pipes in the mo…