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Revit Dynamo and Excel for FM data management - update 1

Ok, now I've formatted the excel file with some colors and I've added a simple information about the management status of air terminals and mechanical equipments

With this shared paramenter I've created a view filter that highligth in red and green the status of the manteinance

Export this parameter to excel with the same process and dynamo and with some pivot table and pivot charts...

Revit Dynamo and Excel for FM data management

After some test I can share a little update about my R&D on using Revit with Dynanmo and Excel.
There're a lot of interesting way to use Dynamo to manage data. Thanks to some custom nodes I can export selected data to selected excel in order to analyse them and publish reports dinamically updated.

In this first step I'll focus on Air Terminals coming from linked a linked model.

The power of this solution is helped by the possibility to share worksheets via OneDrive

In next steps I'll format data and prepare some reports and some updates that will refresh Revit model. Attached the first release of dynamo chart. [Download] Stay tuned...