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Dynamo for Construction: 4D planning and site execution comparison

Hi everyone, in this post I'll try to explain a workflow to keep planning information updated within the model using Dynamo and an Excel Dashboard.
The idea In Revit we have the possibility to create spaces/rooms (it depends if you're an Engineer or an Architect) and you can create schedule listing all the elements that are inside these enclosed areas. But what is you have an element like a duct that is running through multiple spaces? 
First option you can split this exactly on the separation line but this is time consuming and even now, you won't be able to schedule the space information.  Second option is to split and manually apply a space share parameter: time consuming and not very useful.  So my idea is to maintain the duct as it is and use Dynamo to calculate the list of spaces and fill the shared parameter automatically. This is the script and, for now, I'm using the Mark parameter to fill this list of spaces but of course you will use a share parameter.

Multi-pipe support configurator with Dynamo

As always everything is coming from my childhood…ops no, that's another story.
As always everything starts on a white recycled paper just in front of my keyboard; a simple idea becomes immediately a sketch with Revit parameters.

I tried many times different kind of plugins for automatic supports placement, but no one of these is able to create a multi-pipes supports (if I'm wrong, please let me know the name of the plugin). The idea for this script in Dynamo, is to create a support for a bounce of pipes going parallel for a while, and create a group that is possible to copy along the path. I'll not focus on the creation of the families that you need for the support but just to explain the main idea, I have 3 different pieces (steel bar, u-bolt and threaded rod) that I'll compose together to create the final support. The first challenge is to align the pipes to the same BOP (bottom of pipe) because they have to stand on the steel bar and locked with the u-bolt.  The bas…

Keep your library "Alfresco"

I know the word "Alfresco" doesn't have any meaning for people from outside Italy but, let me explain something. When you say "alfresco" ("al fresco") in Italy means either you keep something cold in the fridge, or you put someone in jail.  Today I don't want to do both of those things, I just want to talk about one of the most powerful and well known Open Source Document Management, ALFRESCO. In a BIM company one of the biggest challenge is to keep updated and fully compliant the BIM family library. Every day someone is coming to my desk asking for this pump, that valve or those supports and is really hard keep track of all the families and all the requests.
Sometimes I receive a request about a family already available in the server, only because is difficult to find and search in the tons of folders.
There're couple of commercial systems able to perform this task, one of this is UNIFI ( and if you looking to someting …