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Showing posts from July, 2012

A little test of AR

Here a little test about Augmented Reality workflow from Revit to 3ds Max.
A soon as possibile I'll post the same workflow from maya with a complete architectural project.

And here some future development of Augmented Reality

First production reel (work in progress)

Here a little breakdown of the video: 1. minute 00:00: Biped autorig system developed with Python scripting. - Full IK/FK - Full leg and arms stretch - IK/FK spine and some others interesting features 2. minute 01:00: Full lighting automated pipeline implementation with Mental Ray - Light/Extra lights RGB pass - Shadows/Extra shadows RGB pass - Contact shadows - Contact occlusion - Full pass: diffuse, ambient, occlusion, motion vector, beauty, separated front and back scatter - Lighting setup - Render layer override implementation 3. minute 3:30: Maya fluid example 4. minute 4:11 - Exotic Matter Naiad fluid simulation - main fluid pass - splash pass - foam pass - rib export 5. minute 4:31 -  Exotic Matter Naiad  water fall simulation - main fluid pass - splash pass - foam pass - rib export - Mental ray main fluid rendering - 3delight particle rendering 6. minute 4:51 -  Exotic Matter Naiad  smoke particle guide simulation