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A little update on clash detection

Following my previous article I have some updates or maybe a newest version of the definition.
Now you can use an XML report exported from Navisworks to visualize clash results into Revit.
You need to install LunchBox package for Dynamo before.

DYN download

Dynamo for simple clash detection

After a couple of months my life is completely changed. Now I work in Qatar for an MEP company and I'm involved in the Red Line South Metro Project.
I'm coming back with a very simple but interesting definition for Dynamo. Basically is composed by two different definitions:

the first definition search for intersections between pipes, duct, ceilings and wall (could be improved with other categories) the second definition put a rectangular void, around the clash
You need to load two families inside the project (you can find all the families and the sample project at the end of the article): clashSphere and  voidCutter. Then open Dynamo and start first clashSphere.dyn then voidCutter.dyn. Fix the cutting issues and check again loading clashSphere.dyn or with the standard Interference check tool. Files download