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Dynamo for MEP - How to place hangers - part 1

I'm back with some new workflow for MEP addicted.
I tried couple of plugin for placing supports but all of them are either expensive or useless, so I decided to create a small definition to place families based on point, parameters and levels matching my requirements.
First of all what we have: piping, duct, cable tray or trunking (duct in my case).
In this first example II'm using a family of U-Bolt created to change dimensions according to the diameter of the pipe and the insultaion thickness. This articles is not dedicated to the creation of families but basically the family as a parameter for the DN and with this parameter I read the outside diameter of the pipe from a lookup table, then apply the insulation thickness and everiything is matching with pipe axis.
Then a simple project just to test the definition, different diameter, different elevation, different angles, some of them with insulation.

Now is time for Dynamo
The definition starts selecting all the pipes in the…