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Keep your library "Alfresco"

I know the word "Alfresco" doesn't have any meaning for people from outside Italy but, let me explain something. When you say "alfresco" ("al fresco") in Italy means either you keep something cold in the fridge, or you put someone in jail.  Today I don't want to do both of those things, I just want to talk about one of the most powerful and well known Open Source Document Management, ALFRESCO. In a BIM company one of the biggest challenge is to keep updated and fully compliant the BIM family library. Every day someone is coming to my desk asking for this pump, that valve or those supports and is really hard keep track of all the families and all the requests.
Sometimes I receive a request about a family already available in the server, only because is difficult to find and search in the tons of folders.
There're couple of commercial systems able to perform this task, one of this is UNIFI ( and if you looking to someting …