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BIM in Action

In November 2013 Dr Stephen Hamil, Director of Design and Innovation at NBS, chaired the annual Institution of Mechanical Engineers conference on BIM. Stephen gave a pragmatic look at BIM examining seven headline benefits that working using these technologies and process offer. The video of Stephen's presentation is below.

DynaBridge - First part

The first step in making the parametric bridge, is to create the "skeleton"
Thanks to Zack Kron for the inspiration :)

Dynamo file

It's only Math...

This images are about the use of Dynamo to create a "Math Roof" into Revit. - Create a Mass  - Put a Math Surface made with Dynamo - Apply a Roof By Face into Revit

Some Wip with Autodesk Dynamo

This is is a simple example about the power of Dynamo inside Revit
First example is a simple structural framing with analitycal model inside

And this is a parametric roof made with the power of adaptive components

Some tutorials ASAP

Plant - Navisworks - 3ds Max Workflow

Some images made with 3ds Max using a model made with Plant and managed with Navisworks.
This are 2 frames from the entire animation.