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Finally the first alpha release

Here's a video presentation about my last wip on a custom lighting pipeline integration.

WIP: LightingPipeline script, now with PyQT interface...

Stay tuned...

WIP: Now workin' on lighting pipeline scene asset

Here the first code to create a simple production lighting pipeline script.
Stay tuned!

import maya.cmds as cmds
import maya.mel as mel
import pymel.core as pm

ambientName = 'ambient'
flatDiffuseName = 'diffuseflat'
ambientOcclusionName = 'occlusion'
sssFront = 'sssfront'
sssBack = 'sssback'
colorVector = ['red','green','blue']
colors = [[1,0,0],[0,1,0],[0,0,1]]
lights = ['key','fill','rim','extraR','extraG','extraB']
overrideMTLName = 'SHD_overrideMTL'

def createOverrideMTL(name):
overrideMTL = mel.eval('shadingNode -asShader lambert')
cmds.sets(renderable=True, noSurfaceShader = True, empty = True, name = overrideMTL + 'SG')
cmds.connectAttr(overrideMTL + '.outColor', overrideMTL + 'SG.surfaceShader')
cmds.setAttr(overrideMTL + '.color',1,1,1)
cmds.rename(overrideMTL + 'SG',name + 'SG')

def createCus…

Maya Fluid

Simple maya fluid animation.