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Dynamo, Revit, Excel, UI...what a wonderful day!

Introduction Today I'll show you two examples of how to use Dynamo to export existing Revit schedules and how to compose a custom schedule on the fly, to be exported to Excel.
Both of them with a very nice graphical user interface thanks to Data-Shapes ( package.
Export Schedules Let's start from the easier. The idea behind this script is to export a list of existing schedules to an Excel file, creating for each schedule a separate tab. To be able to complete this script you'll need two packages: Data-Shapes for the graphical interfacesBimorphNodes to extract schedules data The script is very easy and you have to focus only on how to create an interface Then you can use your input to feed the next nodes. Finished! So just push the run button (or use Dynamo Player is you are in Revit 2017.1 or 2017.2) and enjoy the interface.

Export parameters to Excel In the second script I'll focus on something more interesting. Many times we need to just extr…

Place doors clearance box with Dynamo

This simple script is really useful when you need to create some clearance box in front of the doors, to be sure that you're not clashing with other elements.
You can easily export this box to Navisworks and create a clash test or, you can simply coordinate within Revit.


Change fittings level and offset with Dynamo

This is and old story for Revit: when you try to change a level for a pipe, duct or cable tray, the offset of the element changes automatically to adapt to the new selection and the element doesn't move from his location but, when you try to do this with a fitting, this is another story.
All the system connected to that fitting will move to a new location. Actually what happens is that the level is changing but the offset is still the same.
Here a small script to prevent this. Is only for pipe fittings but you can easily adapt to other types of categories with the same issue ;)

Download the DYN file for Dynamo 1.2.1 and enjoy!